Monday, November 18, 2013

style icon : The Baroness Elsa Von Schrader

allegedly the villian of roger and hamerstein's "The Sound of Music", the only thing I feel when I see her is envy. That wardrobe! That Style! Girlfriend was fierce and knew when to make her exit.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

baby steps

Today I took step in the right direction and became reacquainted with my own reflection The person I am and the person I was Met face-to-face for the first time in a long time No hiding. No chiding. This is my fresh start. time to aim, point, and throw the dart. Bullseye! My hand over my heart This challenge to me is my own , and this time, ill go it alone. To reclaim the throne. I am queen. ruler of one, and only by mine own hand shall I be reborn.

my full name and me

I use my full name. Does it throw you off? The power of my tower you'll never fully understand. I use my full name. Formal not normal. One of my favorite sounds, even if it makes you shorter than comfortable, I use my full name. As it will always be. No man or child, No pain or distance. We shan't be parted, My full name and me.

reminder:halloween is just around the corner

Saturday, August 24, 2013


The loathe boat. Soon you’ll be making another run. With a gun. Shoot and stun. I don’t loathe you. I Ioved you. Please don’t make me change my mind.


a bad tattoo. an ill-advised decision. when I pick up the phone, it stings like a bad tattoo. the one I touch because I know people can see it. I rub the center of my bad tattoo, willing and wishing it into non existence. I play pretend and avoid when people ask. Is that a new tattoo? nope, I’ve had it for awhile now. I don’t like to talk about it because when I decided to get it, I was lying to myself about why it was important. permanent ink on the skin is easier to ignore when people don’t ask. I know it’s there. And now, so do you. I’ll blame it all on youthful indiscretion. You’ll play it off like you think it’s cute.


Auto insurance quotes from geico seem reasonable. Don’t give up on the gecko. The echo. my stomach in knots. Lindsay lohan. Late 70s funk. coffee. toffee. The yawn of my late night choices. This little girl is the queen of her castle. Who plays your piano? Do they know the tune?

Monday, May 13, 2013

so here's an old ad that used to scare the crap outta me as a kid

But know I'm all like: !!HEY IT'S VINCENT FUCKING PRICE!! kickass

fly the coop

the wind is picking up. my steps like floating. the direction is firmly aimed north. for the first time I feel the change. my resistance has lifted, and now I will fly the coop. destiny in flight feels so much different than I thought. my wingspan is wider and my stride is smooth. sure of my direction even without a map. I am both scared and excited, and now I will fly the coop.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

my most influential fictional mom

My mother will always be my hero, and as far from someone like Roseanne Conner as one could be. Motherhood is a tough job and it takes all kinds. I feel there are many forms of right when you are a mom. Today I would like to tip my hat to Roseanne. She may be unconventional (and yes I know fictional), but she was honest, funny, and loved and sacrificed for her family. A trailblazer with a real point of view, she often expressed her opinion, solicited or not. Her relationship with her husband was a true parntership that weathered its set of storms. She may not be real, but she is based on a real woman who I suspect took more than a few of her personal life experiences and directly applied them for sitcom fodder. So here is to you, Roseanne. Happy Mother's Day, Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

the last year of candlestick park

in september of this year, the San Francisco 49ers will play their last season at Candlestick Park. Most people who have grown up in the bay area and have become local sports fans by default like myself, have been to "the stick" at least once in their lives. After the Giants moved to ATT park at the beginning of the 2000 season, it has felt like the longest countdown to demolition ever. Finally 13 years and countless "will they/ won't they" debates, the 49ers will in fact leave San Francisco. Thankfully, it's not for another part of the country. Only 45ish miles south. Right near their training facility in Santa Clara. I'm sure it will be knocked down to make way for more housing in our already overcrowded city by the bay. To help me remember it fondly, like any good silicon valley kid, I did a google image search. Here are some my favorite images I found: I will miss "the stick" a lot, but I understand the need for the 49ers to have a nice new state of the art facility. The location won't be as picturesque. not even close.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Design Obsession : Bob Hope's Palm Springs Mansion

currently on the market, it can be yours for the reasonable asking price of $50,000,000!!

krazy for kaftans!!